Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

Do you miss you Polaroid Camera?

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Tips for Taking Better Pictures with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8


  • Five mode exposure levels
  • Always-on flash
  • Takes instant photos
  • 0.6m to 2.7m shooting range
  • 1/60 seconds Fixed shutter speed
  • Manufacturer: Fujifilm
  • Review Price:  $64.99


    • I love how cute this camera is; it is so quirky and bubbly.
    • The camera works surprisingly well indoors and doesn’t need to focus.
    • The adjustment dial is quite helpful, sensing the surrounding light and suggesting which mode to set it in before you take the photo.
    • It is durable as heck! A lot of products are really cool but fall to pieces (or get extremely scratched up) upon collision with anything in its way. This camera can stand its ground.


  • The camera was a lot bulkier than I expected. At 2.69 x 4.66 x 4.57 inches, it was definitely not small enough to carry in my crossbody purse so I found I had to bring a larger bag whenever I wanted to bring it outside. This led me to leave it at home many times.
  • One must pay close to the adjustment dial when, well – adjusting. Sometimes when lowering the camera chest-level to adjust the brightness dial, the sensor will recommend one setting because the camera is looking at a different angle. When I raised the camera back to my face, the dial recommendation changed based on new lighting. Most of the time I caught this but the few times that I didn’t resulted in blown out photos. Slight bummer.
  • The instructions indicate not to use below 40 degrees. But at one point we had to visit Denver so… it was cold. When using it outside, the photos would look more blown out. When using it inside, however (after it warmed up, I guess) – they looked just fine.

You are gonna love the Instax Mini 8.




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